Proof of concept Jupyter Books site generated (at the moment) from markdown files.

Markdown files created via an XSLT transform of OU-XML.

OU-XML is a structured document format used to represent Open University course materials. OU-XML documents act as the original source document for OU course material published via the OU VLE, as well as print.

OU-XML is also the source format for courses published on OpenLearn.

This site is based on a transformation of the OU-XML source document that underpins the OpenLearn Learn to Code for Data Analysis course.

The markdown created from the OU-XML transformation can also be parsed by Jupytext to create Jupyter notebook / .ipynb files. Jupyter Book can also create book sites from .ipynb so the next step is to convert .md to .ipynb and then republish the site on that basis.

The step after that will be to add support for Binderhub on the back end so that code / notebooks are in principle executable.

I am so tired. So that’ll have to be all for now…